The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

Late Thomas Eidsaa's 1'st century ministries, the last Church, the last defender of truth!

The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

In the year 2012, my and two other jews were physically visited by the ascended Jesus Christ, and he looks EXACTLY like this as depicted by Akiane Kramerik. He is the Son of God.

Proof Jesus heals today!

Who needs source-field physics, orgone biogenesis, and ontological arguments when you can see PROOF of GOD for yourself? Dear Prophet T. B Joshua, who I know personally has a very big heart, and has been praying for me. His prayers are powerful, and have saved me many times. Thank you Prophet!

Jesus-ism, and Christ`s character


The character of Jesus.


A disciple of Jesus is one who seeks to complete what their Master Jesus obtained. But what was Jesus like?


A ¨christian¨, or more accurately, a Yahusha-ist is ever-forgiving, and in awe with his unconditional love for everything under the heavens. He loves beautiful, small things that boggles the mind, and incite the creation of parables in wonder over God`s creation, and His complex beauty in nature. He is strict to those who are deceived by illusions of the seven sins. Especially pride. He changes their hearts, and goes partying with these rich people. But his true heart is for the low. He is meek, warm, and easily change these hearts as well. He loves life. He ponders about nature. He sees a thing, and praises God. He sees a heart, and praises God. He is always seeking God, and looking for Him wherever he goes; to do good. He is always looking out for his sheep.


He wants to serve. He wants to help. He wants honor from God even if it ruins his reputation, puts him low, and makes him lose all disciples. He always seeks God first. He would rather want 12 true friends than having a facebook. His goal is in the Heavenlies, and not of this world. He loves upsetting worldly wisdom, and ideas by setting a heavenly example. He is a great scholar. He is a heavenly conspirator. He is a great trickster. He could even fool Satan, which I think nobody has ever done before, perhaps with the exception of Horus. He serves Heaven with all his might. He has a bold heart. He is of a different world. An agent from Heaven on Earth. He is an alien. He preaches with attitude and strength like an African-american pastor. He can be humble, and loving like a lamb. He is veeeery loving, and probably horny. He loves ladies. He loves men. He kisses, and hugs his disciples and friends like a teddy-bear. He loves children. He cries for, and loves sinners. He is our King. We are his sheep, and he loves us. He cries. He is strong for he is weak; because God is in his weakness, making him strong.


When he has to lead; he is more courageous than any. But he would rather stay on the mountain near the presence of God. He could transform into light, but we can`t. Perhaps we can learn to??? He preaches wisdom, and knowledge nobody has heard before. He preaches about conscience, and is a strict observer of jewish law, unless it gets in his way. He has the wisdom of Solomon. He is a king of wisdom and knowledge. He always seek how to spread the kingdom of God. He is wholly dedicated to God 24/7. He is faithful until death. He dies for his sheep. He changes all hearts. He loves to build things. He probably loved pyramids, and he would have greatly rejoiced in the modern new-age advancements of spirit-science. He loves beauty and nature a lot, as we see from all his parables. He loves to travel, and meditate without food until his body is completely broken, and he receives bodily transformation through arcane knowledge of God. He then journeys, and sacrifices all to preach the name of the Lord. He is very disciplined, non-compromising and devout.


He is zealous, and lovingly non-tolerating to hypocrisy. He is warming. He is direct, but is often indirect, kind and subtle when he has to. He is wise. He does not judge. He is a great advisor. (Jesus must have been a great King. A very great comforter, healer, and responsible leader, as well as personal friend)


He is comfortingly people-friendly, as well as having the ability to know, and seek your heart. He seeks your heart; not your head, or natural response. He wants to change you. He is ok. He loves you. He paves his way into your heart, and makes you repent. He does not boast, but sometimes say outrageous things; yet only truth. He is enduring and merciful.


He knows it all, and is willing to tell the truth. He likes to draw, write, and study knowledge. He is an expert scientist and mathematician. He`s good at geography. He is a good astrologer. He loves the stars, the morning star, and the sun. He loves God`s creation. He wants to help you. He is not a people-pleaser, but he can be. He is not judgmental, nor does he hate people, yet he HATES sin ferociously like a tiger; because he loves you. He does not hate the sinner.


He is crazy about you. He will give everything for you. He is noble, has goals, is powerful, and has a well-trained, disciplined, unbreakable mentality. He is a king. He is a priest of Melchizedek. He is a man of great honor. But he was crucified. He is meek as a lamb. He is as wise as a serpent. He is as powerful as a lion. He is as protective as a shepherd. He is patient, gentle and soothing. He is so happy! He is full of life. He knows you, and wants an intimate loving relationship to you. He is emotional. He cries over the lost. He is compassionate. He is wonderful. He understands you all. He is your father, brother, and scripture says he calls you his best friend forever. Now that`s Jesus for you! :)


Why should I become a Christian?


Be a Christian because you should be responsible for your soul, your world, and your afterlife. It`s the only right thing to do. Don`t be like other Christians. Be like me, and be strong. Be a perfectionist. Be courageous! Be disciplined and passionate! Preach the gospel with pride and laughter! Be a conqueror. Expand the horizon, and vision of the Christians. Use the rich culture of Judeo-Christian to prove everyone you are the best. Use science like a new-ager! Science is the best friend of the Christian. (But what they teach you at school is not true.) It is up to YOU to secure God`s realm, and be the heirs of Garden Earth, not prison Earth.


Go forth like a true Yahusha-ist, and discover the truth regarding religion, spirit-science, science, history, and the world. But more importantly: Be a Christian because God is your father, and he loves you. He is your TRUE father, and wants to give you a new experience of what a father is like.


Be a Christian because Jesus is the only scientifically proven way to get to the highest Heaven as seen through near-death-experiences (NDE) where both Christians, and atheists meet Jesus after they die before they return to life. This also testified to the catholic seven heavens, the Hebrew tree of life, the Norse tree of life, or in general: the knowledge of the afterlife which has been common belief for all humans throughout all history. Until the age of idiocrasy, and television came along. No western NDE testifies of anyone else but Jesus.


Be Christian because you meet loving people, and want to partake in the greatest religious heritage, and most an ancient mystical tradition.


Give it a try. When you first encounter Jesus, and get baptized in the holy ghost; you will experience the wonderful sensation of God throughout your body, and feel safe for the first time in life. There is no greater joy than being saved, but don`t get too comfortable! Don`t be like other Christians. They are stagnate, for they are obsessed with the joy of salvation. You must preach the gospel to your lost brothers like a conscious being!


When Jesus fills your heart: You will feel that you have been hollow all your life without ever noticing.


Matthew 3:11 "I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.¨


We will get into this later. You will never go back, and often wonder how sad, and ignorant the non-christians are. And you will laugh, and frown when Satanists come to play saying ¨Hell is as good as Heaven¨ as you have come into contact with the wonderful presence of God. You will know that Hell only sells lies. 


Jesus heals millions of people a year, and raises thousands from the dead every year. Jesus is a God. God`s son in fact. He is what you`d all call ¨God¨. And if you didn`t know: Gods are real. YOU were meant to be a God.


Jesus calls us Gods. We can become Gods. When God saw Jesus, He was so pleased that he said ¨THAT`S MY BOY!¨. Get the idea?


Jesus says that you can do even greater things than he did. Be a Christian. Be a God. Be at one with God, yourself and nature. God is your highest self, and the ultimate achievement; given through the holy spirit mercy covenant.


Occult lies about finding your guardian angel, and becoming one with him as in the popularized Crowley`s Thelema is demonology and lies. The demons are toying with you; portraying themselves as angels, and this path only leads to the dark side. Why embrace some crumbs when you can go right to the source, and attain the highest, purest form of yourself? Everlasting divinity! Eat freely of the tree of life, and live forever above the angels; as God`s beloved son in Heaven! That`s right. We are even ABOVE the angels! For we are fighters! We have the gift of free will to chose good from evil, and the Bible says we will judge the disobedient angels.


God sees the heart. Never look down on humanity.


God is a human, and he understands you perfectly. He created every desire in your heart. But some have been corrupted along the way. That is why the Holy Ghost is needed as your higher self. A replacement of your so-called Holy Guardian Angel. The HG leads us through the sanctification process! The life as a Christian is not about striving to be perfect; it`s about growing closer to God, and letting Him replace our sinful desires. The latter is not something we seek. It comes naturally with time.


This is not to lead you to dull apathy. If understood seriously; the path of the Christ is a heroic way of live-long sacrifice, and servitude under strict orders from a militaristic heaven.


Christianity is the oldest religion as Judaism has died out, is the continuing evolution of what God is doing on Earth (fun to be part of) , and is the most incredibly mystic religion with hidden, mystical knowledge of a science so complex it will boggle your mind to think disciples without computers wrote down the gospels.


The mysteries of Christianity are so extent they have created numerous lodges, secret societies, and painted the pantheon of Gods, devils, heavens, and hells for two thousand years; all based on scholarly, scientific-spiritual approach by serious monks, and nuns throughout the centuries. Which means Christianity can only be true. You will visit great cathedrals, take part in Earth`s greatest cultural-historical legacy, and rise to protect it with billions of Christians friend permeating Europe, and throughout the world. What a great honor to be a part of this ancient sacred tradition!


All magicians, and Satanists know Christianity is true. Every mighty magician is a Judeo-Christian Satanist knowing well of Jesus, and the power of God. Magick as has been popularized in the last 1000 years is corrupted magick, and not the magick of the good Jedi of the middle-eastern mystery schools. Magick rose as an opposition to Christianity, because magick was forbidden, and often involves sex and rebellion. But magick is just an art for better or worse. The current magick available is however ALL straight from Hell, and Christians have done NOTHING to take back magick for Christ. Magick is not cool. True miracles come from God. I advise you to stay away from falling into the pitfall of ¨sex magick¨ as this is nothing else but conjuring up 10.000 year old Astarte farts to promote sexual freedom. (in my perspective) It is an art that should die out. It`s much better to have sex without Astarte, or in the Holy Spirit. Sacred sex is the best, and the way God intended it. Why do you want to go to bed with the ghost of Astarte, AND your partner? Is it not better to just live freely, and be the two of you?


What`s wrong with you.


I touched upon the shroud of Turin in the previous chapters, and we will discover more evidence that not only proves Jesus existence, but that the shroud belonged to him, and is proof of his resurrection as we touched upon earlier.


What should I do as a Christian?


Nothing! Well.. You should live like Jesus, whom you will soon fall in love with..! He is the greatest friend you can ever have, and his presence never leaves you.. It`s like a joyous flame burining in your heart; leading to more fun, more happiness, and magical experiences.


Just live according to what is right through the spirit, and common sense inside of you! We believe we live in utopia! We believe we already have all we can ever want! God gave us the beautiful garden of Eden with everything in it, Satan took it over, and we just want to take it back along with Jesus! We just want to take care of it, and give eternal praise to God and Jesus! Our vision of the messianic kingdom is that of the garden of Eden.


God loves your desires, and wants to give you presents! You will feel blessed, and have favor in all you do! You will be as successful as a jew! For God of Heaven, and Earth knows you, and loves you.


We hunger after seeing Jesus, and being with him in Heaven, so we want to do the best we can here on Earth. We just want Jesus to be our best friend, and see more, and more of him! We just really want to see what happens when we gain our objectives, and peace comes to Earth through God`s kingdom! Who knows what heaven on Earth will be like, or what daily miracles would happen? It`s truly exciting to think what a fantastic world we could create when all are enlightened: Christians. For the more Christians are gathered; the stronger the presence of God comes. As above so below. While the Bible is clear there will be a great tribulation, and I interpret it that Christianity dies out; we have hope the messiah will come. Perhaps it`s me? Perhaps it`s you? Perhaps all of us: as the body of Christ?