The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

Late Thomas Eidsaa's 1'st century ministries, the last Church, the last defender of truth!

The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

Raise up an army of worshippers!

Arise! Arise! Arise! Here and now! Arise! Arise! Arise! Here and now!

To say that the former Christian-humanistic, ethical unity of Europe is somehow not lost, would be non-factual. In fact; there is not a single Christian country in the world.

We are the Nordic Israel!


As a Bible realist and replacement theologian, I believe Christians are Israel.

The Bible is the story about God`s order vs Satan`s. As the only Biblical church, 1stcenturyministries has a goal to create an independent sustainable eco-village based on Tesla technology and Michael Tellingers ¨independent economy ubuntu principle¨, something we will accomplish through demanding our religious rights. A mutual-anarchistic theocratic village where God is law. A monastic society.

Through the advancements of Tesla technology, there is no need to live in the grid system of the monetary state. God`s first order to Adam was to be a gardener, cultivating Earth in symbiosis with nature. We are responsible for heavenly order and ecologically intelligent society, not the state, we the Church are responsible in everything: As God`s fingertips. The others are unknowing.

Where is  Christianisty`s apologetic think tank? Your alternative scientists? Your etheric-spirit-science university of apologetics??? We also aim to create home-schools, summer-camps and eventually, private schools.

I demand two things. 1 That the awakened create a New Earth Ubuntu village of contributionism like a Trojan-horse pallet example so the glass house of cards will tumble, 2 And thus the end the New World Order by mass enlightenment through exposure of the 1 technocratic, 2 cultural and 3 financial elite, focusing on the technocratic elite, e.g cancer cures, alternative village science, alternative electricity, something all relate to, thus shaping the future in the lead, not as sheep.

The awakened must overtake any free nation with such a Trojan-horse village society, but all hippies, wizards and conspiracy-realists must UNITE and focus ALL on ONE nation to get the ball rolling, ok? Norway would be ideal. Don`t curse the darkness ¨ah I hate the NWO.¨ No, light a candle instead! Gather the ambers and the one, single light will expell all darkness, as the NWO glass house of cards will fall by the uproar of the people. We the people have the OBLIGATION to be in the LEAD to change our future. The negative forces shaping our current systems are simply humans like me and you, driven by GUTS and MONEY. It is simply a matter of who has the most GUTS, and never an armed conflict, this world being like ¨a TV-show¨.

Furthermore: This NWO has replaced common sense and common ethics with the inversed teachings of all holy books. Their barbarity, individualism and power-lust! The call it ¨the only future and inevitable global order.¨

Really? A non-polarized peaceful world can only come through common human ethics, the Buddha, Krishna Jesus example, not common social status, income or common equal intelligence. Period. And that`s the reason I wrote the Law of Source, Love and Light. All great periods in human history were due to a peope-serving priesthood whose religion (e.g sacred geometry, astrology, etc) incorporated sacred philosophy and sacred science. There was never a point in history where science was not alchemy, magick, secret and SACRED, like the Christian and Egyptian (Atlantean) religion of the survivors, the religion of the SUN, their monuments still surrounding us everywhere, baffling us; because we lost our guardian priesthood... THAT`s our aim. A sustainable ecologically intelligent monastic village trojan horse civilization.

A globalized world is not sustainable AT ALL. The bird-flu, SARS and Corona virus epidemics prove the NWO is a non-sustainable wildshot. Only an ethically homogenous world of small, independent towns (cells) of OUR high-tech are sustainable, and could last for tens of thousands of years.

Not only do we eliminate the countless future epidemics, biological mad-scientists, and wars funded by a global banking elite: There is simply not oil, and not enough Cobolt for electric car batteries. The NWO was built to fall: Look at the OTHER hand of illusionist`s cards: It is US the FREE BRAVE ONES who shape our world. My mission is an inevitable future outcome, but I don`t want 20 generations to suffer before they realize their ancestors were irresponsible and led future generations into a globalized world doomed to fail OR: Forever be controlled by madscientists of the banking-cartel.

THAT IS WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING! So let`s BUILD that village! So cheer up, light a candle, and stop watching depressing videos nurturing darkness. Get optimistic, activistic and organized with your conspiracy-theory friends. Let`s start in your back-yard, let`s start love-and-light-family gatherings, think tanks and private schools. Got me? This is the most exciting time to be alive. Run with it. The mantle is just as much yours as it is mine.

Immagine if all alternative news sectors combined with alternative science in the ¨Tesla sustainable village project¨ of Tomislav Tesla. We might save 20 generations! All will WANT our village system of alternative physics, alternative history, and alternative medicine with free electrical energy, levity-propulsion technology (google Coral Castle) and simple etheric and herbal cures to every disease. One such village ignites a hundred more, and the worldwide system collapses.

EVEN now, millions are desperatly seeking an exodus from the busy, tiring life of 24/7 work 5 days a week, AWAY from the hectic 5g virtual reality of false friends and back into REAL friendship and romance with mother nature. But we must act while the internet is still free. These are the goals I`ve had all my life (after I decided not to become a politician, yes you can blame me for that).

I wanted to follow Jesus and tread a new, sustainable future pathway, and not end up like some copy-doll puppet antichrist, of which there are too many. I am willing to die for you as a MASSIVE target by the misanthropist Sabbatean-Frankist NWO Illuminati Jesuit conglomerate. THEIR religion is ¨worship yourself.¨ OUR religion is love; the humanistic codes and strength in UNITY! It`s time you realize it`s not necessarily me they`re after. They`re after me because I try protecting YOU. Love and Light, Thomas.

Revolutionary books


Wow. You must be a passionate soul. 

Most Christians will get very uncomfortable if confronted with the fact that the dear Jewish people their pastors donate to, is in fact at the core of a globalist financial conspiracy to create a satanic empire called the New World Order. The Jews do not follow the Torah, Tanakh or ¨Old Testament ¨ , as many Christians believe.

They follow something called the Talmud.

I will start by showing you some of the disgustingly pedophile, satanic, extremely racist, and fascist paragraphs of the Talmud, and the Quran, both which must be outlawed on equal grounds as Nazism for their clear criminal record of breaking the United Nation`s declaration of Human Rights, because of their racist, and fascist ideologies. It is any normal, scientific observation that the civilizers are the free western people, or ¨white people¨, or more correctly the ¨Christian people¨, and I  scientifically argue through statistics, history, and observation how these Christians, not the Jews, must be the Chosen People, particularily Christian whites, but as Christ humorously says; there are no Chosen People, and I believe the same.

Click the links below!

The Kingdom of God

The KOG is more right wing, and details Christian utopia.

The People`s Army`s Revolution - The Battleplan against the NWO

People`s Army has more condensed solutions to actual REVOLUTION, and is aimed at the general conspiracy community without specific religious preferance.

Thank you.

The 100 year village! Will become a 1000 year kingdom!


Our vision.

 Most reformed Christianity, and Pentecostal churches have become money-business circuses. We will get deep, and reed out 2000 years of confusion. They sell miracles to desperate widows. They sell success-Christendom. They sell emotions. Personal development therapy; going on, and on about the simplest bibleverses, and never addressing the bigger picture. They are in no way a lighthouse which we claim to be. Nor do they look around, and see the times. None care for the mission of establishing the 1000 year reign, the wholeness of the church, the future, the nation, or for those who are lost! In what way do they represent a Heavenly kingdom of a royal priesthood? In what way do they represent a civilization? In what way do they represent God`s government? In what way do they represent truth and light? Is it not only about Sunday church service? They pray to the clouds, but do they affect nations? They are only practicing religion. While Satan built bunkers with ufo`s, and monopolized all science, history, media, banks, and sectors of society: We still do not fathom that it`s not only about practicing religion. It`s about a Kingdom. Heaven`s ways on Earth. Is not that the Lord`s prayer you pray every day? And the Lord has imbedded this purpose to deeply in my soul. God has spoken so clearly to me in dreams and visions all my life. He said: Aim for a 100 year society, and I will make it into a 1000 year kingdom. It`s first about getting the Bible, and religion right. That`s done. The neo-charismatic, and Pentecostal movements operate in the fullness of his glorious spirit. Secondly it`s about making it a continuous society; like the first Christians continuously met in a communitarian fashion. Then it`s about starting Heaven`s civilization. Retaking the scholarly fields with true Tesla science, and alternative history. We reach a stage when the Church REALLY becomes a light to the heathen world. You all know of the Illuminati NWO conspiracy. Christians are called to be the forerunners. The fighters. The heroes of not only religion, but society, and humanity as a whole. To fight evil with whatever it takes wherever it is. Why? Because we represent Heaven on Earth. Good vs evil. Amen. Our biblical mission is a society. A Heavenly Kingdom of Priests. How glorious! 


The battle is raging!

 God had a pastoral, and prophetic calling for my life that started as very young. Much like Martin Luther. Yeshua, Jehovah, and the archangels have been giving me visions, and visitations about starting a temple of God since 2012. He led me to the right people, and I journeyed to Israel that same year with a hunger, and many tears. I was 9 years old when God called me to a life of service. I was 12 when he poured out his pastoral, and prophetic anointing on me. 

 The road has been rugged, but Christ is the path, and even though it`s full of reeds; I`m still on it. I always was.

 It has been a hard spiritual battle, but every time I`ve been about to give up; an angel appeared (Gabriel) , and gave me the same vision time after time for 7 years; piercing the darkness, and driving away the demons until God`s task is fulfilled. The vision I saw was always about an arch of stones covering Norway. The arch was made up of many stones, and two angels identified themselves as Michael and Gabriel, and spoke how God will build his Kingdom in Norway. God has HUGE plans! Hallelujah! Jesus, and the angels (Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and others) visited me in many dreams, but the one night I had the vision I first told you about was very special. I was staying in at a cabin in Sælen Sweden with two devoted Christians. One hour after I woke up, while I was telling the dream; we had an apparition of the transpareal Jesus in his ascended form; appearing in the middle of the room; blinding the two others who were present. He only looked at me until I cried, and then he was gone. The girl I was talking to had confirmed the dream, and the presence was so powerful Jesus decided to show up!!! Can you believe it! I was on the floor smiling, and crying for 10 minutes bowing and praying. We spent one week in that cabin, praying, and receiving visions about this Church. The crazy part is how we always received the same visions! For one week! She was very gifted in the prophetic. These two other (messianic Jews) present shared God`s dream of establishing an Israeli Kingdom in Norway. They were from the order of St.Peter. One of their parents had even written a book titled ¨What if St.Peter came back today?¨

 So all three of us had been prepared for this outpouring we received in the cabin as we had all had visions about God doing something fantastic in Norway, and establishing His Kingdom! Wow! So he had led us together miraculously which was very supernatural. Although this couple lived in Sweden, we met at a concert in Flekkerøya Norway. He was videotaping the concert, and I was the one who started the conversation, and we didn`t stop before we had been sharing our visions for three whole days in a cabin by the sea where I lived!!! God had given us the EXACT same visions and dreams! Wow! And the craziest part: They had not been outside Sweden for over TEN YEARS!

 So we immediately became best friends, and travelled to Israel, Denmark, Sweden etc that same year. I was well at the time, but that was about to change dramastically..! The state must have learnt of Jesus appearance, and decided to put an end to my life through electronic harassment, gangstalking, and voodoo attacks by hundreds of witches: Trying to prevent God`s Kingdom from being fulfilled in Norway!

 I came home to Norway, and fell ill after travelling the world with these two holy members. The battle was on, and I was Satan`s enemy nr 1. All of society turned on me, and I experienced every Hell they could possibly muster. But in the middle of 6 years of chaos; Gabriel still PUSHED these visions, and never gave up on me. I would still see the same royal arch above Scandinavia. Sometimes with text. Two types of text appeared underneath, or above Scandinavia with the Israli Messianic flag of the fish, star, and 7 lamps to the east, and west of Scandinavia. ¨The Nordic Israel.¨ And ¨The Nordic Israel – Burn Babylon¨ appeared as text.

 I am a very talented person, and for the six years of chaos; I was introduced to many who would use me, and abuse me. But after every trial: Yahusha always drew me close to my Israeli calling. 

 I still have contact with these two Jews of St.Peter, but we have fought a hard battle all alone against the world. We are in no way part of a network, and have found it impossible to gather support. All three of us had all worldwide society turn on us, and all three of us fell seriously ill. I even had to support them with a place to live. We reconed ourselves, and still recon ourselves as spiritual Israelites of the tribe of Naphtali ever since 2012. I promise I saw more deer in the one week they stayed with me in Kristiansand than I have ever seen in a whole MONTH! We saw 6 deer crossing roads, and only one the time we were in the woods! 

 I started researching The naphtalites travelled to Norway according to Jewish author Yair Davidyi whose claims I dare you to refuse. I own most of his books, and it is beyond ANY historical doubt that a portion of the exiled tribes of Ephraim (10 lost tribes) travelled northwards, and kept traces of their Israelite identity all the way up to Denmark!!! (Tribe of Dan.)

 God united us three together to tell us, and prophecy Scandinavia`s mighty future, and our return to our Israeli roots! 


 Step inside God`s plan!

My vision is a ministry representing God`s perfect authority. An alien invasion, and an everlasting Kingdom! God`s perfect order. You call this a civilization? Are you satisfied? Take back the people! Make the Church who represents the people! They need YOU! First comes religion, and the outpouring. This draws people, and creates a continuous Church-service like the 1st century Church! A small society. But what comes next? What comes next will be so FANTASTIC it will SHAKE, and DESTROY the kingdom of this world! I`ll tell you what comes next. God, and the leadership starts RAISING up youth, teachers, scientists, doctors, conspiracy-theorists, lawyers, kings, queens, and children of life, love, light, joy and dance! Shaking ALL the ways of the world! THAT is the next step. SHAKING them! All will be shaken. The established order, truth, science, physics, universities, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, police and government! For these are ALSO a part of God`s Kingdom, but have been overtaken by the prince of this world! God has this in store for Kristiansand! God has this in store for ALL the nations in the world! God has prepared everything, and will lead you the right people! I see a FLOOD of youth dissatisfied with chemtrails, toxic chemicals, and food poisoning! Bring them in! Bring them in says the Lord, and let them transform the Church! It will be built by people transformed by the gospel, and happen like a shout of joy! A rebellion of joy! A ministry representing God`s kingdom isn`t only a Sunday church-serivce, or a prayerhous, but with alternative schooling, alternative education, alternative sciences, alternative media, or ask yourselves this: Does God`s Kingdom not include these abovementioned? And are you truly Christians during the week when you leave Church on Sunday? Do you act as a powerful BODY inflicting change? Like an organized ARMY? Like a KINGDOM the enemy has no power to stop? Do you keep in contact with your royal FAMILY? Do you LOVE each other? Do you ORGANIZE yourselves? Do you ADVANCE in the abovementioned fields? Or will you sit in your 1000 year old square churches while Satan monopolize education, medicine, the sciences, and creates HIS kingdom? The New World Order can ONLY be stopped by the Church. YOU must know this. Or are these fields not a part of the Kingdom? Is not Ahayah the God of the heathens, the institutions, the government, the sciences, and does he not deserve the glory? Do you lack the scholarly mind, do you lack apologetic proof, or do you lack manpower? Do you lack courage? I see a FLOOD of Christian youth BURNING! With PASSION for change! They are so FED-UP with THIS world! So fed-up with SATAN`s world! So FED-UP with LIES, government, and career politicians serving secret societies! The world is marching to Hell because you did not conquer the world to lead the PEOPLE. You should be in the forefront of secret knowledge, technology, and protect the people! But what do we see??? NEW-AGE takes the fight against the Illuminati ALL ALONE! They fight for the people while the Church doesn`t care. Because the church doesn`t see. Because it`s only RELIGION to them. But not to me. To me it`s an INVASION of a Heavenly civilization! A Kingdom! And we are it`s soldiers! Amen!

THAT is my vision. God promised that when we reach stage 3, and create a community village; it will be a 100 year kingdom. And a 100 year kingdom will lead to a 1000 years! Amen!


 Our futuristic utopian village experiment.

 You arrive at a peaceful, idyllic village hidden by clouds, and valleys in mid-Norway. It is autumn, and the generational trees planted 50 years ago make you feel you are moving into a geometric garden of Eden with all kinds of flowers, and futuristic technologies. 

 While you walk beneath the red leaves; you see pyramids, a water-facility-well, a revolutionary spirit-healing, and herbal ¨hospital¨, a school with all the knowledge in the world, a football-field, a science facility, an outdoors forum that looks like something from Rome, and new architecture of romantic periods, as well as artistic houses with painting you have never seen before. You see pyramids, non-polluting power-plants, and water-hydrogen fuel-cell cars. It looks like something out of a novel. Due to the advancements in antigravity (levity) propulsion technologies; the villagers are able to fly around the valleys, and build monumental structures relatively easily. The villagers great you in white robes, and the children wear flowers in their hair. Indoor cultivation of exotic plants is made possible by the free electricity devices. A monumental stone church spires above the little fantasy-town, and looks like it could stand as long as the Giza pyramids. Here: People live happily to the age of 100 years. The village is an ultra-liberalistic anarchistic theocracy. Theocracy? Yes. Here: God reigns. Common Christian ethics of love, and light`s eternal law govern this eternal village peacefully where the inhabitants can focus their life on cultivating soil and soul. As an ethic-homogenous society: There is no reports of theft or violence. Everyone has everything in common like a big family, and live like brothers. They are called the Kingdom of God. And it was God who tasked me, and gave me hundreds of visitations in dreams: Showing me I had to create these villages as a template for all future societies. As a theocracy, the village is governed by miracle-working saints, and humanistic heroes. The church will serve as judical institution, religious institution, police, military institution, school, and social wellfare centre for the elderly and disabled.


 This is part of the global village reservatory project of Jesus. The people meeting you are of all races; and preach a universal gospel. They tell of a harmonic natural way of living, working for your food, marrying your classmates with immeasurable romance, and teaching the children TRUE science and history which they built the village upon 50 years ago, after the great rebellion, and break-up from the state. They succeeded, and created an eternal haven in symbiosis with nature. Their revolution, and technological solutions created a worldwide revolution renaissance, and reformed the whole world: Showing that paradise Earth is indeed possible. One day we will get that Utopia…

 Such a world IS possible. 

 They are not yet at their goal, but the entire world loves them for their pro-activism for peace, love, and zero crime statistics. Over the globe; many children of Love and Light have become inspired by their achievements to create villages themselves. There has never been a theft, stabbing, or murder in any of these anarchistic societies. 


Christianity`s Revolution of Independence


You can read my Christian revolution here:

TE 2018 Christianity`s Revolution for Independence

Yes. A religious, and technological revolution, and disclosure of the Illuminati`s crimes is coming to awaken the Christian world! Our success rate will be 200%! This is not about race or color. This is about souls, freedom, justice against the Illuminati, and the future of the Earth.

Have you ever considered that you Christians are spiritual Israelites that deserve your own nation? As of now we have only Russia, perhaps Poland, and a few countries in South America that publically state they are Christian nations; but no real Christian nation in the way Israel is a jewish nation, or Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation. I say that these two are in many way FASCIST states, and there is nothing wrong with that. Fascism just means that one opinion, race or religion is superior to others. They just want to protect themselves. China is f.i in many way a fascist atheistic country. But a CHRISTIAN state???

Have courage, and start dreaming! But the west has somehow lost the guts, and priveledge to rebellion alongside freedom of speech, and human rights because of Islam.

In the future Europe I prophecy: Unite, strategize, emmigrate, and rebel for the protection, and preservation of ONE Christian state in Europe. That`s why I sing: Raise up an army from these dead bones like in the Song of Ezekiel by Paul Wilbur! Halleluja!


I want a liberal-economic, neo-charismatic-Christian, anti-Illuminati democratic state with a government of saints for Christmas.

Only a traditional-ultra-liberalistic (not modern liberalism), neo-charismatic (fascist) Christian state with a government of saints will do.


A state of Christian: Politics, media, hospitals, military, police, schools, and social wellfare. Where people are treated with love. Where the children are taught about REAL technology, (like Reich`s theory of evolution, and sacred geometry - God`s fingerprint) and the CRIMES of the satanic Illuminati at SCHOOL.

Where Einstein`s physics is THROWN away, and Tesla`s physics build flying machines, and hydrogen power-plants!

Where the state builds HUGE monuments, and Churches for Christ.

Yes. That is God`s will.

As in the song: ¨I hear the voice of the prophet; preparing the nation for war!¨

Raise up an army. Raise up an army. Raise up an army. From these dead bones!


We will win! Amen! By starting private schools, and teaching truth.

By starting hospitals, and curing cancer patients.

By organizing, and building 50 cars that run on water.

We will win! We will WIN! When we only have ONE society of true religion and science! All will be lit! One tiny light expells all darkness, and the world built on the lies of the Illuminati will crumble. Everyone will want our system, religion and technology.

That`s why a Christian Tesla village in Norway is so important. (Like the one in Croatia.)

God spoke to me about this since my early teens.

And no. I`m not an extremist, or at least only an activist. I am a targeted individual. I suffer from satanic extremism in the hospital, and the police who experiment on unwilling citizens of the CIA Mk-Ultra program. And that`s a fact. I am very very peaceful. Source, love and light is my motto. But I have teeth, and I can bite if Norway clones, and rapes me.