The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

Late Thomas Eidsaa's 1'st century ministries, the last Church, the last defender of truth!

The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

The 15 laws, and 7 deeds


With a loving relationship with Jesus free from sin, comes the love for God, and his laws. This is natural. But are we under the laws? No! We are under a new mercy covenant as St.Paul realized! It is up to every church, and every person to decide for themselves what is the will of the Holy Spirit, and how not to sin against your salvation. Most Pentecostal churches preach of something called the ¨sanctification process.¨ This is very biblical, and goes as follows: As we live our Christians lives in the Holy Ghost, we come closer to Heaven, and we know there is no sin in Heaven. We should therefore prepare, and be worthy of Heavenly citizenship. That is the greatest argument as why not to sin. Ask: How is it in Heaven?


Luckily; I have found a great combination of laws. The Noahide laws are old-testament laws given to all heathens outside the Abrahamic, and Mosaic covenant. These still count a blessing for us today, and many are the same as the 10 commandments. And then you have the laws of the new testament which also, miraculously are seven in number. The Bible is always perfect.


Not committing adultery, and some of the ten commandments are for many people much harder than simple dietary laws because of sexual hormones.


If you put the laws of the New Testament, the ten commandments, and the Noahide together; you get 15 laws for us non-jewish christians which I name here. This is up to everyone to pray about themselves.


New Testament laws: Law 1 – Love, also called the Greatest Command by theologians. ¨He answered, "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.¨ Luke 10:27. ¨A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.¨ John 13:34-35.


Law 2 – The Greatest Sin ¨And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven.¨ Matthew 12:31 It is very hard for us that this law exists. It certainly qualifies as a law. But what does it mean? There are many near-death experiences of people like us. And just like we do sometimes think too loud about a stupid fellow christian, or say ¨that was embarassing¨, these NDE people come to Heaven. Direct satanic hate, and attack against God`s holy spirit which is history`s greatest gift, and a priceless free-ticket to heaven can not be forgiven? Apparently not.


Law 3 – The Outreaching Civilizer ¨Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost¨ Matthew 28:19.


Law 4 – Forgiveness ¨For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.¨ Is this a Matthew 6:14. Also read the parable in Matthew 18:21-35.


Laws 4, 5, 6 & 7. Acts 15:20 ¨But that we write unto them, that they abstain from (eating what`s sacrificed on pagan altars, and having pagan altars or Gods) pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things (food) strangled, and from (drinking) blood.¨


Laws 8-10 from the 10 commandments:

Law 8 - Honor your father and your mother.

Law 9 - You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. (slander, accuse, and lie about. With neighbor means everyone else.)

Law 10 - You shall not covet.


Laws 10-15 from the Noahide laws:

Law 11. Do Not Deny God

Law 12. Do Not Blaspheme God

Law 13. Do Not Murder

Law 14. Do Not Steal

Law 15. Establish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law Obedience


The greatest commandment:


As we touched upon at the beginning of this book and chapter; love is the greatest teaching we learnt from Jesus words and life. Love, and the unwritten laws that come with it must be the foundation of the western-humanistic core values for a future, global, and peaceful civilized world.

The apostle St.John said only two words in his last speech: ¨Love each-other¨. St.John was incredibly enlightened, wise, and scholared – beyond any doubt. If humanity would drop all they have, and only focus on learning to love, they will have come a long step further in their evolution; keeping this world without war for as long as possible with a common outcry for peace as the cabal is exposed while we scream; we are humans; we are love! If we only focus on building a warm global society of universal morals; co-existing in Love, and light/enlightenment; we can even end war forever..


Love, and light is a new-age catchphrase which means in essence means teaching through love! Love sweeps away ignorance, and this light shines forth truth to undo the illusions. Although we are loving, we show no restraint in anger towards hippocratic, and idiotic ideologies whose followers go to their graves as with f.i Islam which is unreformed, and medieval compared to our great human accomplishments through the graeco-roman-judeo-christian reforms leading to a basis for co-existing; the humanistic values; love.


Remember what Solomon said. Fear, and love for God is the way to wisdom. This wisdom makes us recognize our fallen brothers, and it`s love gives us the courage to confront them in the image of how our heavenly father lovingly confronts us with our sin. We must love the sinner/heathen, yet hate the false ideologies that bind them! We must unite them to God for God so loved the world that he sent his only son to die for us.


The Seven Essentials Deeds


I personally believe in seven essential deeds as parts of christian life after a christian norse saying which all norwegian christians know about. I also retained my salvation through deeds after loosing it. Protestants disagree with catholics, as the latter believe deeds are essential, as do I. Scripture is clear. Every Christian in Norway has heard about the three b`s; ¨bønn, bible og broderfelleskapet¨. In english they are: Prayer, reading the bible Bible, and having fellowship in the church. But I upgraded them to seven. It is truly a miracle the 7 essential deeds of the Bible can be numbered starting with a b in Norwegian. No other letter can number these seven in norwegian, or probably any other language. What a miracle! Again we see that God always uses his chosen prophets, and work in terms of sevens. These are the seven essentials deeds to a christian life.


1. Bekjennelse/Confessing. Confessing the christian faith, and confessing sins. Morning shema.

2. Bønn/Prayer. Prayer for yourself, countries, loved ones etc facing Jerusalem 3 times a day. Your intimate life with God. Worship either through soaking, singing, praising God in nature, or art each day.

3. Bibel/Bible. Read the Bible, and study the works, and also seek knowledge of God`s hand in creation.

4. Bud/The commandments. Meditate on them, and keep them throughout the day. It helps us having God as our first priority, first love, and focus.

5. Brorsfelleskap/Fellowship. Attending church. Being with Christian friends. Bible study. Cell groups.

6. Brødsbrytelse/The sacred communion. The eucharism.

7. Befalingen/The Great Commision. Preach the gospel to the ends of the Earth.


God is always perfect. He meant for me to discover the 7 deeds, as there is no other language but norwegian where they all start with a b. My words are not the words of the Bible, but I really believe God meant for me to discover this. The 7 b`s, or do`s of Christianity. We also believe that ¨bearing fruit¨ accompanies faith, and that without acts; faith is dead.



Additional 21st century laws


We all agree that Moses could not have foreseen the technological advancements of our time. His laws fall short of our time since they don`t address the dangers of technology. And it will only get worse.


The scalar, and electromagnetic spectrum let`s man control the human brain, weather, earthquakes and volcanoes.


Physics made weapons that could erase all life on the planet 100 times over. The nuclear bomb.


Genetics made it possible to be creators ourselves, clone even human individuals, or make new lifeforms. The reason Jesus died on the cross was to atone for the sin of homo sapiens sapiens. The devil will do everything to corrupt mankind`s dna which was delivered on the cross. Jesus delievered us from the fall, when perhaps the Serpent meddled with human DNA, and made giants like the Nephilim. Thus there are alot of chemicals, and sciences that are treyf/non-kosher to put it mildly.


Mankind grew to potentially deforest rainforests, destroy the environment, and endanger species. Mankind poison it`s own food, air, and have sinned greatly against the Creator. They created mega-corporations like Monsanto who monopolize God`s creations like seeds, and kill the bees. They even gene-modify crops, and have done it for a long time. They monopolize even water, which is poisoned.


What would Moses have said if he returned today... You must WAKE UP! You are the prophets of tomorrow! The Biblical narrative never ended, and will never! There is no other than you! YOU must be responsible as the descendant of Adam, God`s gardener, and take care of His creation. Our first task by God was to nurture the garden. Not to alter it, and enslave man, beast and seed!


As a descendant of David, I prayed, and felt led to take it upon myself to start something in spirit: Creating laws that others must complete. 


Aquarian law 1: Homo Sapiens Sapiens is Holy.


You shall keep yourselves holy, as the body is the temple of the Lord, and thus not directly meddle with God`s intented biology of homo sapiens sapiens.


No meddling with a human either through spreading of internet lies (slander) , surveylance, scalar-waves, electromagnetic waves like microwaves , electronic implants, brain-altering chemicals in medicine, nor air-polutions. Nor shall you in any way alter the dna of mankind!


Aquarian law 2: God`s ordained Creation is balanced, unfathomable and holy.


God is the Creator, and is perfect. He forbade Babylon. You shall threfore not change, endanger, or monopolize any of God`s creation in a covetous fashion for the gain of money, power, in a recreation of Babylon.



The way cultures, nations, corporations, and individuals monopolize gold, print paper money, and gives mankind ID numbers is not on par with any religious sense, or biblical form of governance (theocracy, messianic monarchy or survivalism) This includes not changing the weather with bad intent. I also FEEL like abortion, and selective abortion must be prohibited if the country-laws, or person is a Christian. Creating a Babel`s tower mass of mongrels, and secretively destroying ehtnicities, and ethnic cultures is against planetary logic of harmonic plurality, and the Bible. 


So we see that nation-states, and all it incorporates is very questionable, and should be avoided for the creation of a better future alternative way of sustainable nation-state living. We basically need just ONE foothold on Earth as of now.


Aquarian law 3: War is forbidden.


Warbroking tyranny, financial tyranny, war, and armaments are forbidden.


Killing is strictly forbidden. Did I not Moses tell you in the 10 commandments? You shall not murder or covet! Mankind historically warred for many reasons like ethnic-religious pride, resources, and to defend themselves. The latter is the only reasonable form of violence, but not in an information-age of mass communication where mass awakening, and homogenous ethics is simple from diplomacy. War is forbidden, and is today: Only a contruction to savor corporations. 


And that is it. 

Ask yourself. Are you still human? God`s creation? His beloved son of Adam; the faithful gardner, and divinely entrusted safekeeper of Earth?


We do not know at which point a celestial intervention might occur, and we have no prophets, or reliable contact with the heavenlies other than vibrational ressonance primarily through synchronizing with the heart aspect through the ascended Jesus. 

We have no idea.

Darkness fell on Atlantis in a single day. Myth has it Michael descended. Myth has it Gabriel destroyed Babel.

Heaven is real guys. Take precautions, be responsible, and ally with the final victor.

All we know is that after the piscean reign of the Vatican 1000 years; the nations will war at Armageddon - the Magog war - when Satan is released from it`s prison.

Which might be right around the corner surrounding 2012, and Christ`s potential return.

The next chapter tells us doomsday follows this event, although the authenticity of St.John`s Revelations can be questioned, a book which I personally condemn for it`s use in the devil`s work of herecy, and spreading of fear and confusion.

Especially surrounding the so-called antichrist figure; which is now a myth no longer has rooted in the original meaning of that chapter. 


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