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The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

The ancient Israelites travelled to Norway!



My vision of a nordic Israel


During the year of 2012; I had several angelic encounters with my archangel Gabriel, and Jesus who showed me strange visions always relating to the same theme. The first vision I had was of three swords, and ambers uniting. The ice of the Scandinavian people melted, and a great freedom was heard. A new social waveform of love erupted as fire. The second vision was of the courtyard directly in front of Solomon`s temple. The Lord showed me how I was an important rock in his Temple. This was in Sweden on a mighty spiritual journey with dear Christian friends. The third was when at home in my cabin. I heard God speak to me saying: Lead my sheep my son. The fourth was in my apartment in Kristiansand. I saw the world, and the Bible opened hovering over Norway. A fire burnt from it, and the ice melted. Below it was written: Burn Babylon. The fifth vision was of Virgin Mary crying under the moon. Her tears became 12 stars of Israel.. She cried for me, and I saw the tears gather as yellow stars under the banner of the EU. I saw how the flag of Israel merged with the world.


Mother Mary cries for us- her lost children!


Yair Davidiy whom supports Israel has shown unrelenting will to research the mythological origins of western tribes from Israel as if he was sent by God. I own his books, and they are packed with unquestionable evidence the ten northern tribes of Israel wandered throughout the world to Scandinavia.


These Cadussi Nephtalites (also known as the little-goths, and white huns) moved into Schythia, and southern Russia from west of the black sea to east of the caspian sea. The rest of the emmigration to Scandinavia is taught in norwegian primary school!!! 


Norway as Naphtali


Yair`s book the ¨Ten Tribes¨ resurface history, and the location of all the ten tribes based on history, science, lingnuistics, archeology, scripture and prophecy, yet quotes this about the norwegian naphtalites in particular:


¨The tribes of Ruben, Gad, and Manasseh (from whom emerged most of the gothic nations) in the east banks of Jordan had been borderen by Dan, and Naphtali who were to the west of them. NAPHTALI were to re-emerge under the same name Naphtali (sometimes incorrectly rendered as ¨EPHTALI¨) in Schythia¨. The Naphtali were also known as Cadussi or ¨Kadassaye¨ in honour of Kadesh-Naphtali:


Judges 4:6 She sent for Barak son of Abinoam from Kedesh in Naphtali and said to him, “The LORD, the God of Israel, commands you: ‘Go, take with you ten thousand men of Naphtali and Zebulun and lead them up to Mount Tabor.


Which had been there former center in the land of Israel. The Cadussi had first been recorded close to Mannae southwest of the Caspian sea. The area was one of the major regions to which Northern Israelites had been transported by the Assyrians. The apocryphal book of Tobias mentions Israelite exiles from the tribe of Naphtali in Ecbatana (Tobit 2:7) and Rages of Media (Tobit 5:6) both of which adjoined the Cadussii area! Pliny reported that the Cadussi termed themselves ¨Gaeli¨. The Cadussi-Gaeli were related to the Sacae Scythians according to Xenophon. (We identify the Sacae Schythians as ancestors of the Angles, and Saxons who invaded Britain). The Cadussi (or Kadussi) later moved northwards into Scythia east of the Ural mountains where they were also referred to as Naphtalites or nephtalite Huns thought some sources still referred to them as Kadassaye I.e Cadussie. After a series of wars and migrations the Cadussi Nephtalites (also known as ¨White Huns¨ and sundry other names) split up into several groups. The majority went westward, and entered Scandinavia to form what later became the Danes and Norwegians. Another portion remained in Schythia to eventually merge with the Khazars who converted to Judaism.¨