The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

Late Thomas Eidsaa's 1'st century ministries, the last Church, the last defender of truth!

The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

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My Journey to the Eight Mountain.

So where do we start? First of all: The Earth is flat. There are 5 dimensions in this plane, and 7 dimensions of Earthern higher planes with the seventh (12th) being the universal plane, where you can travel the universe; free from Earthern planes. Then you have Heaven which is the 13th dimension, and completely shut-out from all others whereas the 7 dimensions of the earthern planes share matter. The universe I speak off is what I saw on a flat plain in the 7th heaven. This is for those with wisdom: In the beginning was the word, and the word was God father in the 13th heaven. All surrounding God was white, holy, and pure for an eternity of existence without time. Then God created Heaven out of perfect mathematics. He showed me how he did it in a dream, and started splitting his conscience into creating angels. He then created a lesser dimension (what is today the 7th heaven) – where he first created seven mountains of rainbow colors from which existence – all things have their form. I was standing to the East of these mountains. These mountains are to the north. The mountains stretch out to create a tall wall around all the universe; making a circle. I saw how height, and glory of these mountains stretched down into the abyss, and how all the universe resulted from God creating 7 perfect mountains.

Breath, life, wisdom, and destiny first gave life to the multiverse by frost from Heaven 13th dimension dripping down into the 12th exactly in the middle of the abyss where the ice of the 7 northern mountains, and fire from the west meet in the abyss. For some reason: This grew into a mountain that goes down into the abyss. Out from the abyss is the slayed giant - the hidden mound of the Gods – the Omphalos - the mysterious mount purgatory - the rock of Ages. The centre of the universe - a high, high, snowcovered, hollow mountain of utmost holiness stretching up to the very throne of God, and down into the abyss wherein the mountain lies all Hells. On top of this mountain - there is no evil. I had punched through all the gates, and defeated the gatekeepers of each of the 7 heavens, with my sword, and stood at the highest plane. The 7th. On top of the wall that surrounds the entire universe. There was the 7 mountains, and the abyss. Above the abyss are stars. Inside the abyss is fog. I could zoom in, and see sharper than an Eagle. I also automatically grew angel-wings, and then intuitively knew I had to enter Mt.Purgatory. I flew high, high, faster than light – and higher, and higher – before I came into the cloud of Heaven where the 13th, and 12th dimension meet. There I found the way into this hollow mountain, and into the Sacred Garden of Creation inside, where waterfalls drip from Heaven`s mist - giving life to the garden which holds Heaven`s utmost holy presence. So foggy. It was the presence of God. The holiest presence I have ever felt. And I was much more awake than in any experience on Earth. At the center of this garden are is an aaaancient altar with the fiery stones of Lucifer mentioned in the Bible. -deleted contenct- This altar is a geometric layout where every star, and planet symbolize a crystal. Earth itself is a mysterious rock whose form oscillates from four, five, and six sides - like the pyramid of Giza. The rock of Ages. I could talk to God when I was there, and the last to visit this place was Enoch, who came long before me. I then realized I was Enoch`s incarnation. The messenger. Mercury, which transformed into what some call Gabriel. This is the centre of the lesser universe. At this top of Mt.Purgatory – nothing exist but pure light of holy thought, and the flowers are made of crystals. The foggy waters drip from heaven into a river which flows all the way downwards. The Vikings believed that Norns sit there: Weaving the fates of man. But there is no such thing as fate. What I did conclude was that at this point in time: I was the most powerful spirit-being alive in the lesser universe, and held the keys to the bottomless pit. (But I am not Apollyon – hey – don`t mix in 2000 year old stone-age writings that have been fulfilled 1000 times already.) I am perplexed… Who am I? Am I really what I have always feared: Not human? Not from here? What I discovered in this experience is that God can never be defeated, and the road to the 13th Heaven cannot be found anywhere in the universe by any angel. Only through suffering 5th dimensional human life can humans ascend to Heaven as far as I know, although there are gateways inside Mt.Purgatory, where the border between Heaven and Hell lies, but it is guarded by Holy Light so that any wicked creature would burn up trying to cross it. There are many such places – the borders – where men go after they die. I have been to at least 1000. (I dream, and fly every single night. Protecting the universe (which I lost))

Earth evolution.

The stars above the flat plane sang Heaven`s song, and God drove evolution through the torsion/scalar source field. This world was once ruled by reptilian humanoids known as the angelic (alien) race of Seraphim. They were the titans, the oldest Gods - Chronos - and Tiamat - and some dinosaurs were actually intelligent. Then war broke out, and God sent Lucifer to defeat the Titans for what they did to both angels and humans. Lucifer took power over Earth, and fell from grace through pride and lust. As the Bible says, they fell in love with women of the Earth they had saved from the Titans. Yet Lucifer was defeated by archangel Michael. You can read the ancient annunaki, and egyptian Kings list. For nearly a million years – God did not intervene, and the Earth was ruled by fallen angels. But then the flood came which wiped out the genetic tampering the fallen angels had done. The age of Humans began with Israel, and the last giants offspring of the angels were wiped out. The Gods disappeared from us after the flood, leaving only the pyramid of Osiris left along with the mayan calendar, hidden artefacts - prophesying of the time when the fallen angels would return again. 2012.


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