The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

Late Thomas Eidsaa's 1'st century ministries, the last Church, the last defender of truth!

The end-times Church, the scientifically true religion, the Nazarene Christian faith! Re-discovering 1stcentury Christianity with 21st century technology! The Knights Templar monastic movement.

Answer to: ¨Christians don`t need their own state/village/ghetto¨.


You cannot serve two lords! You cannot serve God and mammon! Whenever I preach the gospel of the Kingdom village of priests (holy priesthood of Kings) against the NWO beast system of EU-Rome and spiritual Babylon, I am met by ignorant Christians gullible to the current death of Europe and the west. They`re preoccupied in their personal salvation relationship to God, drinking milk, and cannot look further than their own noses. They say: God`s Kingdom is within! We`re supposed to be lights to the world IN the world, but not OFF the world. Really? Are we a light to the nations in the world, or are we not rather dying, being tainted by the world, having lost all Christian nation-states in the world the last 20 years? And in 20 more years, our children will crave the mark-of-the-beast to buy food, as well as transhumanist implants making you superhuman, connecting all humans to the internet. It`s the next big step of marketing to the young planned at Silicon Valley.

The previous Christian argument of ¨being in, but not off¨, doesn`t count as we enter into the end-times scenario of the NWO beast Kingdom PERSECUTION. Are we not to regroup and ¨go Amish¨, moving back to harmony in monastic farming villages before it is too late? We have a 10-20 year timeframe to build these centres. Or how do you plan on getting food when you cannot buy unless you take your implanted microchip??? You must grow it yourselves and say NO THANK YOU and GOODBYE to all states of this NWO , based on religious and ethical reasons. And I think it might work.

I meet hundreds of Christians who dream of living together, as Jesus commands, as the 1st century Church did, as is Biblical, certainly Biblical in these latter days. I myself have these prophetic words directly from God, in fact, it is the main theme whenever God speaks to me, and I have received countless prophetic dreams of the apocalypse contra survival-centres, so God definitely follows up on his word.

Revelations 13 clearly calls for a sacred remnant of 144.000 to live like the united 1st century church, and frankly, I don`t believe it`s a small number when looking at the poor state of Christian morale. Where is repentance? Where is holiness, deliverance from sin and fear of God? God is opening the minds and hearts of hundreds of Christians I know to his word, through dreams, conspiracy-reality and visions: A holy loving unity revival as an exodus from the system, religiously based should work, as we covered in the previous book on Revelations, when I explained the coming mark-of-the-beast mind-control system, and that the Christian generations to come, will not be able to live holy as lights in it, they are already being swallowed by the ways of the world, porn, movies, apathy to sin, music, and addiction to modern technology, Satan`s smartgrid.

The Bible is the story of the Kingdom of Heaven vs the Kingdom of Satan, former lord of the Earth, whose time is approaching the end, amen? That`s where we come in as God`s fingertips, he only works through his vassals, his beloved sons and friends through Christ. Predestination is not Biblical, although God is at the beginning and end of history, at the same time: Omnipotent and omnipresent. We are free willed beings, the only plausible creation, and must respect ourselves enough as Christians to fight the New World Order! We need a MANLINESS revival! God can ONLY work through YOU, the children of Adam.

The Bible is the story of God establishing His Kingdom, God`s Order on Earth, in sustainable peace between races and nature. With the Coronavirus, we see the dangers of globalism: Whoever controls disease and vaccines, whoever controls the world bank, whoever controls the dominating world religion: Controls the Earth and can do with us Christians as they please.

Globalism is sad in God`s sight. God spread races into nations through the tower of Babel story, and forbid Israel from marrying pagans/other tribes. Israel had to FIGHT for it`s nation-state, it`s tribal ethnic unity and it`s faith. Is the Church not the spiritual Israel? Should not we unite as Israel and fight for bio-diversity, Christianity, and all the rest Satan tries to destroy? Is globalism not forbidden by God through the tower of Babel story? Is globalism lead by Christians? Is it Jesus or the antichrist`s? Is not the Marxist cultural and monetary world order leading the globalist agenda into a world of slaves of the state? Battery bank-notes? I myself will not be a bank-note, a walking GPS chipped battery in Satan`s end times empire! This is the time of Moses, Noah and the 1stcentury Church.

Is not human bio-diversity (races/ethnicities) the most treasured creation of Yahovah? Is not nature beautiful because of its plurality and diversity??? That is TRUE multiculturalism: Nations and healthy nationalism, as seen e.g in Olympic Games. But all foundations that made our previously Christian western nations strong are attacked. Gender roles, freedom of speech, moral values, economic libertarianism and healthy nationalism. It`s even gone so far that I would dare say our countries, especially the youth, are indistinguishable in terms of post-modern Americanized instant-gratification electronic culture. Imagine what Moses would say, I bet we`d have an exodus and 100 new laws! I say that in love, for our safety, and I`m not kidding. Our nations are merging into the Antichrist`s one-world Empire through the European Union, which in turn will merge with America, and before 100 years have passed…? Who knows if you see how globalism escalated the last 20 years? Because: When Satan, an anaconda serpent realizes it`s prey is soon dead: It squeezes even harder, even harder, and even harder for every breath the prey takes. The rapid unfolding of prophetic events will only escalate, truly. It is time to be who God made you.

Ask yourself this: If everybody mixed and looked similar, and were of mixed race origins: What would be their history and culture? 1/5th Norwegian and a 100% post American, post-modern, cultural-marxist millennial slave to the mark of the beast??? I in my short life have witnessed the death of the west, death of western values, secularization of almost all Churches (especially the Lutheran and Catholic) and tolerant apathy towards even the worst of sin. Where is Christianity`s conservative backbone? We cannot trust the Lutheran state-Churches or the Catholic mother Church, and we don`t have any Christian nation like Muslims and Jews do:

It is time for the 144.000 and the lamb to rise, because moving out of the darkness into sustainable monastic villages will be a LIGHT to ALL NATIONS! Why? Because the modernized lifestyle in a globalized world isn`t sustainable in terms of natural resources, epidemics, and will inevitably fall, because we don`t have enough Cobalt for electric car batteries, nor enough oil even for airplanes. Mankind will inevitably revert back into smaller sustainable nation or village cells, with farming, bicycles and horse carriages, after 20+ generations of epidemics, sacking of nature, destruction of coral reefs, destruction of our atmosphere, our forests, the bees, etc, in the hands of the leader of the world bank: The antichrist Rothschilds who will sacrifice our children to the new God of the globalized Babylon: Sex religion. I myself will rather build that village now so people can see that it works, crime rates are low, people are more happy, have more free time; sparing 20+ generations from living in Hell, because: OUR WORLD IS NOT SUSTAINABLE and life really isn`t about computers, movies, sex and MONEY!

Will we build a literal Kingdom? Is this book about monarchy? Yes! We will create the first neo-charismatic Christian nation (or monastic village) where JESUS is the spiritual King, a theocracy, not monarchy, not with a literal ¨King¨, and perhaps not even a priesthood, depending, as the Bible says Jesus is our eternal high priest and ended the priesthood, yet I chose the Kingdom of God as title for this book, because that`s what Gabriel told me.